Flight Scheduler/Dispatcher

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Sky Limo Air Charter Ft Lauderdale, Florida:
This individual must be capable of making time-dependent logistical decisions related to safety of flight, security, personnel and costs. The Flight Scheduler/Dispatcher reports to the Director of Operations.

Today’s technological environment requires that this person have sophisticated computer and communication skills compatible with mid-level management, Dispatchers License with International Operations experience. Must be willing to relocate to South Florida.
Some of the responsibilities of this position are:
  • Scheduling travel for Charter customers & aircraft owners in aircraft operated by Sky Limo Corp. considering other lift alternatives.
  • Knowing company aircraft performance and company operations manual and making appropriate recommendations to traveling customers.
  • Providing flightcrew with Flight Pack, weather information,
    including providing trip briefings, fuel advisement and route briefings.
  • Knowing computer software related to flight dispatching, tracking, maintenance and logistic support
  • Maintaining and updating aircraft and crew schedules.
  • Obtaining for both passengers and flight crew any necessary permits or visas when flying into and out of foreign countries or working with appropriate vender.
  • Maintaining department records (including Trip Pack, manifest, maintenance, insurance and personnel records) to ensure accurate reporting, currency and accounting issues.
  • Coordinating with outside aircraft services handler for international flights as needed.
  • Preparing trip packets for crew and passengers for all flights.
  • Coordinating aircraft handling, catering and fueling with fixed based operators.
  • Submitting invoices for payment, processing charge-backs and participating in annual budget preparation.
  • Submit APIS for all International trips and confirm No-Fly list for all Turbo-jet trips.
  • Create monthly Aircraft Usage Reports for review by the Director of Operation and ultimate submission to the Company President
  • Coordinating use of outside charter services if needed to meet company schedules and customer needs.
  • Scheduling flight crew to ensure compliance with company and FAA regulations regarding currency, flight and duty times and company scheduling policies as per the Sky Limo SOP
  • Ensuring that aircraft schedules meet with any airport/airspace restrictions.
  • Knowing Federal Aviation Regulations and company policies to remain compliant with same in all operations.
  • Maintaining a flight following system to ensure schedule and safety of flight.
  • Coordinating with maintenance for scheduled and non-scheduled aircraft maintenance with the DOM.
  • Assisting in development and maintaining security policies and procedures to ensure the safety of Sky Limo Corp. customers, employees, facilities and equipment and communicating policies/procedures as needed to passengers.
  • Determining security needs and making necessary arrangements for all trips, particularly foreign destinations.
  • Interfacing with flightcrews to advise of passenger needs or requirements both in-flight and on the ground.
  • Acting as effective liaison between Dispatch and Scheduling and flight crew
  • Maintain the Flight Department Reading File
  • Scheduling ground transportation and accommodations for both flight crew and customers when needed.
  • Arranging catering services in accordance with company and passenger requirements.
  • Remaining current on resources available and training opportunities to facilitate an effective scheduling operation.
  • Audits inbound Flight Packs, to ensure flightcrews have completed
    all information and that all paperwork is accounted for, flight times and expenses have been entered into Trindigo software.
  • All other duties as assigned by management.

Please send email to careers@skylimoaircharter.com

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