Flight Safety VS Regional Airline Academy


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Hi, Im new a plan to go to flight safety academy but as I was looking around I saw regional airline academy and it caught my attention when they said Garenteed airline interview and that around 15 peolpe just got hired. Do you think that regional airline acadmey will give me an airline job? Out of flight safety and Regional Airline Academy, which one would give me a job for an airline?
Neither, they will provide your training, and some schools might set you up with an interview, but that's all. Its up to you to get hired. Be very very cautious of any schoold's claim of a guarenteed regional job upon completion because there is some fine print they are not pointing out.
Flight Safety Academy sets up many of their graduates with airline interviews. But they do not "guarantee" it, because that is not possible. They do not even know you yet.

Don't worry, many of us have gone through the same process of looking at flight schools to attend.

That is a nice offer, that jumps off of the page, as I thought, but further reading has lead me to this . . .

. . . if you attend a good school, you shouldn't need them to help you apply . . . you can write your own ticket!


Here's what I know of the two. FSI costs an arm and a leg . . . and if you sell your arm and a leg to go there, you won't medically be qualified to fly . . . seriously I hear it is a great program but that it can cost a bit.

Regional Airline Academy was known as PFT operation in previous posts, one said they thought they were in with Colgan Air for PFT . . . but looking at the website it seems more legit . . . more legit than Gulfstream.

Good luck in the looking process and the flying venture!
As the other post have said, No flight school is going to "give" you an airline job. I know that FSA is exspensive and Regional isn't that much cheaper, if at all. You have to do you homework on all the schools you can find, and don't be blind by the flashy ads and cool folders they send you. Keep in mind that the price quoted to you is the Minimum that you're going to pay.
Just a side note, if you're looking for a good school, check out ATP http://www.allatps.com. That is where I'm planning on going in the summer. Seems like a good school, lots of multi time, housing is covered in the price, and the price is what you pay. Haven't really heard to many bad things about them.
Good luck with your hunt.
Most people who go through FSA finish up early and under budget. It is solely up to the individual where they end up. I have never attended ATP but have spoken with someone who has. He said the one major negative about ATP is that they rush you through everything and that they know exactly what the examiners are going to ask so they can get you through the checkride. "If" this is true, then you will regret going there down the road. You need time to digest everything and to truly understand the material. Based on my experience at FSA, I would say that if you do decide to attend FSA you will be happy with your decision.

Good luck...ILS
I found ATP's program to be fast, but think that FSI has a stronger focus on academics and takes more time, so concepts do have enough time to sink in. If you're going to ATP and want to do it right, there will be a lot of studying over and above the program requirements, all done on your own. I studied more at ATP than I did at college, but that was largely my own effort. On the other hand, going to ground school at FSI felt more like college, only I was studying something interesting for a change. FSI has excellent ground schools that will allow you to learn those concepts in a structured environment. Both schools are good choices, but it depends upon what you are willing to do on your own.