Flight Safety here I come


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After a couple years of deliberating and touring schools I have finally decided that FSA is the right choice for me. I pretty much made up my mind before I toured Florida but was convinced after I vistied the school. I'm applying for the Feb. 2 private audit class and am planning on completing the CIME program. As it stands, I'm planning on living in the student residences.

Anyone else contemplating or have applied for a Jan. or Feb. start?

Has anyone completed the high altitude sign off part of the program? I was told that this is a recent addition.

BTW Snow, your diary is much appreciated, now I have a better idea of what to expect.
I only know of one guy that did the high alt sign off. Personally I would wait until you are hired, I'm pretty sure the company will train you. Save your cash, youre' gonna need it.
Congratulations on your decision to attend FSA. You are going to love it there. Let me know if you have any questions or need advice on anything. I completed the CIME through MEI there and was very happy with my training and the staff.

Good Luck,