Flight Instructor Position


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Hey everyone,

Anyone know of any flight instructor jobs in my area (anywhere between KCLE and KPIT) or just anything in general.

I'm striking out right now. Thought I had a job at my current flight school and they hired some guy before me.....

Can't think of much of anything. Its getting towards the end of flying season around here anyways. At least at Skypark most of the training is done by mid Septmember and doesnt pick back up till ground school is over in April. Only people who train at Skypark in winter is usually instrument students and they are few and far between. Its a dead zone from october till april. Hope you find something though. Have you looked at any 141 schools like kent, OU, BGSU etc. They seem to be the only schools doing alot of training in fall/winter with their college programs. Lost Nation is pretty active year round too but dont know if they have any openings. I would try Kent first. Seems like every year at the cleveland airshow which is labor day they are trying to get CFI's to come teach for that school year. So they might be the best place to start with.
I sent an email out to the person that runs the kent program today. I will check into Lost Nation also.

I am not at a flight school currently. I have done most of my training at one school so I kinda thought that I might be able to get hired there but the owner was very reasonable with me when he explained the situation.

Basically a "we don't have enough students to hire on another instructor no matter what your schedule is"

I contacted a flying club to see if I could get some practice out of them...no response back yet, I guess we'll see.
If you get a chance hit up the cleveland airshow in a few weeks. All the local fight schools have setups there and its a good oppurtinity to put a face to a resume.
Why not make up business cards and flyers,(intro flights) get your own students and bring them to the school with the understanding that you will provide training for the students you bring in. There are people that want to learn to fly out there they just don't know it yet. "Go out and hunt your food and bring it back to your cave."
Not sure if they are hiring or not, but you could check out Moore Aviation at Beaver County. They have the contract for CCBC training, and there always seems to be a lot of student who have trouble finishing up their training (although I have heard both sides of that story and I'm not sure which is true)