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to anyone who is flight instructor
im a job seeker for flight instructor in california, I been looking for a flight instructor position for awhile, just want to know, since the economy is going down. did you guys get hurt too. did you guys need to find a part time to support yourself, did anyone know how to find a part time job on flight job. or did anyone know anywhere is hire for a flight instructor


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No. The economy never impacted me, nor any of my co-workers; and, it doesn't appear from the schedule as if they will be affected.

No, I have always put all my effort into instruction and never taken a part time job because I wasn't making enough money. I have taken a part time job to make more money for fun things, but not because I couldn't make ends meet.

As for the how to find a part time job, you need to work a shift that does not conflict with your flying commitments. There are many options, from Walmart and stocking shelves to night auditing at a hotel. The possibilities are limitless.

As for hiring flight instructors, there is no shortage. Nearly everyone is hiring. Since you posted a few months ago looking for a job I assume the school you graduated from did not hire you. (I think it was IAFTA). I would continue refining your command over English, as it impacts teaching significantly.

Keep up the good work and good luck.


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I have not seen any negative affects of the economy at my school or any of the other schools that I am familiar with. I know that at my school at long beach,the school next door and about a dozen schools in SoCal are all short instructors. Keep looking.


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When I worked as a flight instructor at Western Michigan University, I took a part time job at McDonalds to make ends meet. It was the only way I could afford to continue flight instructing. Most of the instructors there did have part time jobs. There are a lot of part time jobs out there, and I am sure that you can find one that will not conflict with your schedule. Be ready to put in some long days though.