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Does anyone know what strings are attached (if any) to the guaranteed CFI positions that Westwind offers with their Right Seat Direct Program?
I asked them same question to what it looks like that only student on this site that goes to WSA its in the other thread. He has yet to reply so it may be a while until ya get an answer
Hey Hook,

I'm a new student at Westwind...the only catch to the guaranteed CFI position at Westwind is that you need to successfully complete the Right Seat Direct program. I know that sounds obvious, but there's more to that statement than meets the eye. To explain, here's an excerpt from my post on a different thread:

From what I understand, everyone who successfully completes Westwind's program will be hired as a CFI. However, when I interviewed the school last year, I was told that approximately 50% of their students wash out of the program for one reason or another. That's an eye opening figure, and I appreciated the honesty. The big "weeding out" courses seem to be the Private and Instrument programs. The point is, Westwind will hire you if you complete their program, but, as with everything in life, there are no guaratees that you can make it that far...it depends on how hard you're willing to work and your abilities. The plus side to all this is that there are plenty of students for the CFIs that do make it through the program. In addition, Westwind offers FBO style flight training, so the CFIs are also kept busy by the local folks who just want to learn to fly for fun.
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Westwind has great interest in providing excellent training, because their successful students are going to be their instructors. In fact, during our orientation, the Chief Flight Instructor advised us to consider that day to be the start of our CFI training. Westwind's philosophy is that they want you to be a superb teacher, not only because they'll be hiring you, but also because any employer will expect their Captains to be able to be a mentor to their First Officers. Personally, I agree with that philosophy.

Hope this helps!

Airmet Tango...thanks for the info. I'm in the beginning stages of looking at flight schools and am leaning towards a school in AZ because I can stay with family for free. Keep us posted as to how you like Westwind.
Well I've heard the washout rate at Pan Am is like 80% or higher!

Weeding out doesn't bother me, just less people to compete with for a job later on :grin:
I think you had better start talking to more students that are currently at Westwind. They (Westwind staff including the chief CFI) do alot of talking but do not deliver. The chief CFI isn't qualified to be in the position he's in. If he were then the school would have descent checklists for the aircraft, a 141 sylabus, An SOP, procedures, standards... the list goes on. When you get there you will see what I am talking about. If you have the option to go to what ever flight school you want then why wouldn't you go to a school that has an excellent reputation in the industry for their training. I gaurantee that if you took a tour of Flight Safety or Riddle you would not go to Westwind. When a regional gets your resume and they see Flight Safety's name on it they know you recieved good, quality training. They don't even know who Westwind is. Westwind is just a MOM AND POP FBO SCHOOL WITH FANCY UNIFORMS. I only speak from experience. EVERYONE at Westwind trains under part 61 and Westwind likes it that way. It puts more money in their pocket and TAKES it from yours because they can get you to fly more. If you were on a set 141 sylabus you would know when you will be finished (ex. private lic. lesson 1-20 lesson 20 being your checkride) and how much it would cost you. Flight Safety does not train under part 61 for a reason. 141 is structured lesson by lesson so nothing is missed in your training. When I did my ONE rating at Westwind I would ask my instructor what we were doing the next day and if he was going to assign me any homework and his response was.... pick something you are weak in and prepare a lesson for it. That is not what I was paying him for!!!!!. These postings are for you new people to learn from our mistakes and Westwind was one of mine. Good Luck, CLR4ILS
Everyone there trains 61 because they don't have a 141 sylabus worth a darn. They will tell you 61 is to proficiency and they can get you done faster that way BUT it never happens. Think about it!!!