Flight Follower/Dispatcher

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Avantair St. Pete/Clearwater Airport, Florida:
GENERAL DESCRIPTIONFollow active flights and maintain awareness of meteorological conditions that could affect aircraft activity.

  • The flight follower is responsible for planning and release of daily flights that conform to company standards and FAA regulations.
  • Along with flight planning, this position should proactively and strategically plan flights to avoid fuel stops.
  • They will also be responsible for contacting crew members for day of changes with the flight schedule.
  • This position is responsible for logging all block and actual times in the bitwise system, and correcting discrepancies in the log pages.
  • Flight Following begins tracking the flight prior to crewmember duty on by utilizing a web based program that displays the Avantair fleet on a map of the USA.
  • The flight follower is responsible for making sure all flights are airborne when scheduled, and following up when they are not.
  • The flight follower needs to be meteorologically inclined to advise crew members and owners when possible weather issues arise, also being abreast of any delays in affected areas (IE-TFR’s, etc).
  • Responsible for contacting ATC for any flight related communication with Avantair’s aircraft.
  • Performing weight and balance on following days trips.
  • Keeping the OCC briefed with current weather conditions.
  • Performs other duties or assignments as requested.

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