Flight Engineer?


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I was messing around with the Gleim test prep software in the office today, and was looking at questions from the Flight Engineer written test. That got me thinking....what are the requirements to get it? And would there be any advantage, seeing as how there aren't many positions open for them anymore?
I only time you're required to have the FE written is when you're taking your flight engineer checkride.

Some airlines that operate 727/DC10/L1011 may require having the FE written.

What about someone hoping to move into turbine equipment, say a King Air or even a 737? I have also looked at the FEX outline, and it looks like the kind of information an airline would want a pilot to know.
Well, it might be good information in that case, but I'm a H U G E fan of this book. It made the prop to turbine/jet transition way more easy:


Turbine Pilots Flight Manual.