Want to Buy Flight Case


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Ebay $35 shipped

Don't plan on anything more than 12 months out of it though.
Actually - with a few adjustments, that case should last for a few good years, if not a decade.

Remove the cheap-ass handle, replace with a heavy duty steel exterior door handle that you can pick up at your local Ace or Home Depot or Lowes for a few bucks. Bolt that sucker into the top, and you're set.

Although I don't have this set up yet - a standards pilot at my company has used this set up for going on a few years. No issues.

He didn't even bother keeping the cheapo handle in place, he rip it right on out once the box arrived.


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Yes. ;)

It's actually becoming a very popular system (that which I indicated in the posting above) at my company.


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I've got a Crew Gear nylon rolling case in like-new condition I just got that I don't like. I'd let it go for $130 shipped.