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Anyone know of any good red beam flashlights that are hands free that hook onto your headset or aroud your neck??
This flashlight from Eddie Bauer is pretty nifty. The color is bright and changes by pressing the button so theres no lens switching. It comes with a cord handle, so you can create some means of making it hands free.
I use a SnakeLight[Black&Decker] with a red plastic bag over the "head'',it is low tech low cost but works very well and it is hands free
I just stuck a Photon Micro-Light III to one of my headset domes with Velcro. Be sure to get the III--it's the only one that has 3 brightness levels, the lowest is plenty at night.
I have a baby mag-lite that hangs on a neck chain. It's got removable red & orange plastic inserts that you can put in front of the bulb.
I've got a Rayovac with the pivoting head (found it at Walmart in the camping/fishing section). It has a clip on it and I just attach that to my shirt or whatnot and I'm good to go. It comes with a clear and a red lense that are interchangable. I just keep the red lense on the Rayovac and I have a MagLite for my other flashlight.
Sportys sells a 2AA flashlight with a 12" flexible neck that has a push/pull red/white filter on it. I put it around my neck and use it hands free. I just bend it to point where I want.

Works great
My instructor has a Ray-O-Vac that goes over your head (think coal miner) and has red, white, and blue filters. That, your headset, and your foggles make for an interesting look!