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I threw up for the first time in a plane today. We were practicing steep turns and that is when I did not start to feel so well. I probably would have been fine if I had eaten something before the flight. The only thing I had eaten in the past six hours before the flight was a granola bar. Which was probably not a good idea. I am never going to fly on an empty stomach again.
A High School summer camp at ERAU...
First half of my private training back here at good ol' 61B...
...All spent puking in airplanes or close to it.

It's all good.

In fact, my stash of granola bars in the glove box of the 207 were often the only thing I ate while flying skydivers.
Also, the Burger King on the corner of Nevada Hwy and Buchannan...not a good idea before a turbulent flight.
I had the urge after doing spin training for my private pilot certificate, but that was it, just nausea, no vomit.

However, I did throw up about an hour after departing CKV one summer afternoon. My son was visiting with his maternal grandmom for a week or two and I was his ride back home. They met me at the airport and she brought tuna sandwiches for us to eat on the way home. After getting airborne, I ate my sandwich, my son didn't eat his as he wasn't hungry. I was puking within about 20 or 30 minutes. Definitely a bad sandwich. I was fine about 20 or 30 minutes later. Glad I kept my plane stocked with plenty of Sic-Sacs.
Don't feel bad. I'm sure plenty of people have puked on a plane before. I know when I first did steep turns it get me pretty green. I didn't puke but I was pretty much useless for the rest of the lesson.
I had a student in my very brief tenure as a CFI who got a little rough doing ground reference maneuvers.

One day I told him to bring a bag. He flew, he puked, we went back. Quick lesson.

He ended up being a CA at my last airline. Don't know where he's at now.
Ive puked on an airplane once.

Right when we landed at MDW on a 752 from LAS.

But that was only because i ate a lemon head off the floor of the hotel lobby... BAD IDEA!
When I was 14, my dads friend took me up for a ride in his Marchetti SF-260. He had just become a member of a local Marchetti formation demo team and had a nice new jacket with a demo team patch on it.

Anyways, we took off, did a performance departure and flew to the aerobatic practice area. He flew the maneuvers first, I flew them the next, loops, rolls, immelman, split S, cuban 8's, etc. I started to get a bit nauscious near the end. My dad and his friend took off in the Super Cub shortly after we departed and we formed up on their wing after we finished maneuvering - dad snapped a few pics of us in the Marchetti, and he could tell I wasn't feeling too good,

The nausea wasn't going away, he had no sic-sacs onboard and I ended up having to use his nice new demo team jacket as a sic sac :eek:

I had eaten two moon pies and a chocolate milk before leaving the house - that certainly wasn't a good idea. :laff: I think we had planned to just meet him and check out the airplane but not fly on that day, but ended up flying anyway.