First Week...


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Simply awesome. That's all I have to say.

I've logged only 2.7 in the plane, about 6 in the sim, and I'm about ready for my MEL ride. The only FAA written left is the CFI, all of the studying for the airplane is complete, and I today I logged some actual, shooting the VOR approach back into GKY. Approach granted us a block of airspace on top, and I did maneuvers over the clouds. Saw the Citation this morning and met the check airman on it- he's obviously sharp as a tack and very easy to get along with.


If you want to go here, be completely prepared. If you are, you'll do fantastic. If you aren't, you won't. This is not a spoonfeeding operation, it is an airline training facility.

Outside of that, the instructors here are the most skilled I've ever met, the equipment is beautifully maintained, the sim SUCKS but if you can fly the AST300 well, you can REALLY fly the Seminole... If you want to attend this school, GET HERE. It is better than I ever imagined.
Good to hear. Keep us future ATPer's posted. Looks like I might be postponing my Sept start a little longer... Money always gets in the way.
Well hang in there, Scott. Keep trying. Do whatever it takes- this is the best thing I've ever done.

That's awesome Sig. What location are you at? I'm looking to start in august at the phx location. Hope to get as much studying out of the way before hand as possible. Everything I've been hearing about ATP lately has been very positive, keep us posted on your progress.

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