First VFR Cross Country....DONE!


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Hey all,

Just wanted to brag for a bit.

Took my first VFR cross country on Friday. Went from BKL->TOL->3G4.

It was amazing to finally get in the plane and go someplace other than the practice area.

Being a WWII Warbird fan, I found it amazing that a lot of what I'm learning to do right now as far as x/c planning goes it the similar to what those guys did in their B-17's.

Anyhow, had a great time!! Although next time I'll remember a camera.

Just some other observations...

1. Cedar Point is really a small piece of land, and even smaller when you consider that the parking lot takes up most of the park.

2. Those charts are really accurate. I was blown away when I was able to locate myself on the chart based on the shape of a nearby lake.

3. I can see why the old time airliners used a full time navigator. I had a hard time keeping track of the plane, ATC instructions, the chart, and my nav would've been nice to have someone in the back doing all that...but it might not have been as much fun

4. As I said next time I'm takin' a camera.

Anyhow, had a fact I had such a good time that I immediately started the planning for my next me crazy, but I think the planning is probably 2/3 of the fun.

Okay, coming down from cloud nine now.

Congrats. Glad to hear you had a great, safe flight and had a fun time doing it. Always remember the just never know what you'll see out there. Keep up the good work.
Hey that's awesome !! Sounds like it was a blast !!

Cedar Point does look alot differant from the air doesn't it !! I'm just right down the road in the pgh area but took a couple flights up that way last summer. I never realized how small the park looked as well... I did notice the Tower of Power or whatever it's called... it is pretty high up !!

I also love flying up to Put-In-Bay area... really awesome on a nice summer afternoon !!
I assuming by CAS you mean Cleveland AirSports.

That's where I'm at too.

Probably seen you around.

PM me if you want more info.

Congrats, I remember my first solo xcountry, and I felt the same way when I landed, and did everything by myself for the first time.