First solo...


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I am sure you all have heard and read it many times before, but for me it was my own...however, it was all anti-climatic. I was relatively nervous prior, then once I pushed the throttle, all that nervousness went away.

It did feel really gratifying though. It didn't sink in until driving away and seeing other planes take off and land..."Hey, I just did that, myself!"

Next step, cross-countries...

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Congrats on your anti-climatic solo flight. May all your flights be as anti-climatic.


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Congratulations! It's an unmatched feeling of satisfaction, isn't it?

I'm just starting cross countries myself and they're much much fun. Enjoy it!


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I can still remember that day when I looked over in the right seat and nobody was there. It was very exciting.... I also remember how much better the C-150 performed with only one pilot aboard.
Congratulations Jason....:nana2: