First Solo!!!


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Well, after numerous delays beyond my control (medical deferred, lost in mail, weather, getting a prog check scheduled, digging through school bull$#!&), I finally soloed today. It was the busiest airspace I've experienced so far in my training, probably 8 planes waiting to depart at any one time, in addition to the many planes in the pattern. Others were being denied entry into the class Delta airspace (BTL), and the controller never seemed to catch on that I was requesting stop-and-goes, not touch-and-goes (I do understand that it was busy).

The third trip around the pattern was the most interesting, during which no two seconds went by without a radio call, and there was not one, but TWO runway incursions of planes taxiing into position and holding without being cleared onto the runway!!!

Oh, and the landings were pretty good if I may say so myself.

It was fun.
Way to go! now for your x-country phase. I remember my x-country as being just as much, if not more fun than my solo. Enjoy!
Very cool to see you on here, Dan. Big congrats on the solo, it's a heck of a feat!

There are a few other Western Michigan folks around here, one being Bluestreak (I had AVS 280 with him last semester). We're all getting together for a fly-in to Cleveland on August 10th if you want to try to hitch a ride with someone (I think I'm loaded down pretty good thus far, if I were flying a larger plane I'd offer to throw you in the back) and it'd be sweet to have you there. Didn't know you were on the student council this year.

This is of course, Dan the man of Alpha Eta Rho fame, isn't it?



This is of course, Dan the man of Alpha Eta Rho fame, isn't it?



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It is indeed, I was also on the student council last year.