First Semester classes


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Just wondering if anyone out there can point me in the right direction as to what classes I should take for my first semester. Should I focus on my general requirements or should I mix in some aviation. I already have my Private license so will Avit 102 take up less time for me?

Thanks in advance..
That would be a question for sam w.!!!hey sam i'll be at next years camp hope to see you there!! people tell me to go to a community college first for general classes then take all aviation classes later!!
If you take the ground course at a community college or something that offers part 141 credit, you won't need to take the 5 credit 102 class, you could start on your instrument in the fall if you go up there for 2 weeks and do the test course before the semester starts. That's what I'm doing, except I'll be taking 221 in the summer, and 222 in the fall. 102 Classes for fall are proably filled up.