first pics of DAL 744


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I don't know, I don't have to worry half as much about getting stabbed at my commuter hotel in Rockville Center than I would anywhere in DTW!
Hey, careful there big fella'.....I was born in Rockville Centre! Of course it was a little nicer back then than it is now.....haha.


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Hey Doug, if you do get off and fly the 777, will you also be able to fly the 764, since the cockpits are almost the same?


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I really don't know anyone who really gives a poop much about a second deck and two extra engines to worry about!
Don't hate because we don't need to draw circles on our plotting charts. :bandit:

If the crew bunks are on the flight deck for the pax version, that'd be a huge drawback. It's kinda noisy up that way.

It is nice that an engine loss is an abnormal, and the landing procedure is considered normal.

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Looks nice! But I like the look of the 747 anyway. Paint it banana yellow with white dots and I'm probably going to think the 747 looks good. :)
I like the new Delta paint. I was looking at a MD90 today and thinking how sharp it looked. Heck I think the RJ's look pretty decent in that scheme.


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Three day trips exist to Osaka, Nagoya, and Narita that credit about 26 hours. Start at noon on day one and end at noon on day three. I think I'd take that. :drool:

And yeah, the area near the airport does actually seem pretty safe. I haven't been shot while walking through the snow to Bob's Big Boy yet.
I think the only "Bob's" big boy that exists is in Burbank, CA. Otherwise I think it's Elias Brothers Big Boy. LOL just givin you a hard time. :)


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I miss Big Boy a lot maing. They don't have those out here, so every time I go home I make sure I hit up Buffalo Wild Wings, Big Boy and drink some Bell's beer.
Got to Love "B DUBS", and The Bell's Oberon is Fantastic. Too bad all the brews are seasonal. The winter ale isn't too bad as well.


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Don't hate because we don't need to draw circles on our plotting charts. :bandit:
We usually only have to worry about that when there's some ETOPS restriction. I think I've done it like once in the past 18 months!


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It was in DTW yesterday, and left for Narita from what I heard. I heard some rampers on the bus also saying that it was too white and plain.