First lesson in actual


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Logged some actual for the first time this morning! :rawk: Flight from Clermont County (I69) to Port Columbus (KCMH) and back.

148 knot Ground Speed!:nana2:



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I remember the first time I flew IFR w/VFR on top. I felt like I was George Jetson getting Henry to raise the apartment up above the clouds.

It has been a long time since I have flown IFR, but I don't think you can log the time you are VFR on top as actual. Correct me if I am wrong or confirm my belief if I am correct.


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You can not log VFR on top as actual. It is in "actual" conditions with no reference to the horizon flying on instruments. This has been beaten to death though and the actual reference will come out shortly and then quicky be rebutted.


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Think of "actual" time in your logbook as a condition of flight, the same way we log night time as a condition of flight. It's either night or it isn't. Same for actual. You're either in the clouds or you aren't. It's simply a record of the conditions you were in.


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This has been beaten to death though and the actual reference will come out shortly and then quicky be rebutted.

Agreed. I only logged the time in the clouds as such. I just didn't take any pictures while in IMC because there's really nothing to see.


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I didnt think you did although I dont care either. It goes with my OLD CRUSTY cfi I had in california and his sayings.

me- "how much actual did we do today, .8?"
cfi-"I dont give a crap, log whatever you want, its not my logbook"

he was a true mentor.


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thats great man. keep up the work on getting the instrument rating. you will have a lot of fun as well as build loads of confidence.


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Pfff, lessons in Northern Ohio in actual tend to be always in the soup. 1000ft ceilings and tops at 5-6000 MSL. My last instrument lesson was all in the clouds. Now we are grounded (and have been for a week) by all this lake effect snow, not to mention the icing in the clouds.

Glad you got to go up in actual. A lot of students don't get the chance till they are alone after their checkride.


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Nice. I loved flying the G-Grand in IMC. You are so much more aware of your location that pulling radials and using DME on an enroute chart. But, don't let those basic skills like hold entries and chart usage slide. You will still need them if you fly for a living one day.