First interview (no-flying experience)


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I will have my first interview with a national airline in Asia in a week's time for a training program for recruits with no-flying experience at all (they train you from the absolute beginning).

I need help with preparing for the interview. Anyone has idea or can help? What questions are they going ask? Tests? etc...

interview gouges from the Internet doesnt help much, they are usually for those who have hundreds/thousands flying hours, lots of technical questions. <font color="green"> </font>
What airline?

If this interview is for people with no flying experience, then I am assuming they arent going to ask you any aeronautical questions. I would think they just want to know your personality and if your capable of learning all the material, and you have a desire to succeed. SO just be yourself. Hopefully being an airline pilot is what you want to do. This an opportunity of a lifetime. I know I am jealous. So just get a good nite sleep, and be professional and show them that they arent wasting their time and money by accetping you. good luck

In addition to what blee said, I would try to portray yourself as a team player and someone who follows rules. If you can get a list of typical Human Resource questions (such "Tell me about an obstacle that you had to overcome") and practice answering them. There are many interview prep books that have a list of these questions.