First Helicopter Experience!


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I am addicted! I felt completely incompetent, and entirely out of control, but it was a blast. I sat at the airport all day today, 12+ hours, and only had one student able to fly due to weather and mx, but it left me plenty of time to hitch a ride with helicopter cfi at the end of the day. Flight time of about an 8-10 minute ferry in the 22 from the tie downs back to our ramp, but hey, it was free and the new experience was great. :nana2:

Now to the real question. I see all this talk about the minimum requirements for a commercial helicopter add-on, I am interested as well, but nobody on the board seems to have jumped in yet. A lot of my instincts from the airplane seemed far off and I am wondering if that actually made me worse in the r-22 than joe off the street?