First flight


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Took this picture of my mom on her first flight with me, and my son on one of his many. Look at the smile of a happy introduction to aviation(mom).......

Awesome! Can't believe your mother has never been up with you before.

Never had the chance honestly. But she loved it, and is hooked. I am going to see my brother at his race in Vegas in two weeks.

Her response......."Can we fly there?"

My response "Does a bear $&*^ in the woods?"
My mom wouldn't go flying with me until I got my multi and even then the only way I got her up was to fly her over Disney World (back when you could). But my favorite Mom memory was after I got hired at Delta and was a FE on the 727 she met me in BOS the first time I went in there.... as we were pulling into the gate the Captain said what's up with that crazy woman jumping up and down and waving in the window... uh, that would be my Mom sir.
nice, I already took my mom up for a flight, now I can't wait for my baby boy to grow up some to take him up for a ride :)