first approach to mins solo


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Flew from Manassas(hef) on an ifr flight plan to pick up a friend this morning at 830 am. Hef was clear but over the ridge in Leesburg(jyo) the weather wasnt so clear. We were going to go on a flght to shenandoah for his first trip up with me. As i picked up weather in JYO the ceilings were unreported. The controller told me to expect the visual. Then as we got closer someone piped in on the freq that he just departed and the clouds were 100 agl.MDA was 1100(about 700 agl). Controller told me to expect localizer 17. I got vectors to the downwind and then climbed on down the localizer. I hit 1100 and i was still above the "fog"layer. I was 3 miles from the runway and the clouds came up a bit as i approached. AS soon as i penetrated them i could faintly make out the vasi. I continued and there was small break in the clouds, enough to see runway. I threw in full flaps and dropped it in....I have never felt my heart beat so fast. This was one of those hurdles i have been looking to break past.Mybuddy didnt think i would have made it.They were really socked in, but as it was 20 mins later upon takeoff the clouds had just about all dissipated. Glad i didnt go missed. Anyways, just thought i would share. Not sure if what i did was by the book, but i am here to write about it.....and i learned a whole lot today.