First anniversary of my first year

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October 10, 2012 marked the end of my first year as an airline pilot.

As it turns out, I'm still going to be on first year pay for a smidgen longer—I took a lateral move, but the net result is that I drive to work, stay in one timezone for the most part, fly an airplane that I consider to be a bucket of fun to some pretty awesome overnights (this statement excludes Imperial, CA and Yuma, AZ), and I'm not in a bankruptcy's crosshairs...for the moment. I consider this to be a net win, but nothing is static in this business, especially at a regional.

I consider myself very fortunate to love what I do and to love this industry because of its various warts - not despite them.

(I mean, thus far, absolutely nothing has gone according to any plans or preconceived notions in my career - so I guess that's the moral of the story. Roll with the punches. Be prepared to take totally unexpected directions. And laugh frequently—sometimes, even at yourself.)

When I think about this craziness so far: No regrets, would do again, would recommend. Thanks to those (@Derg, Gonzo, Firebird2XC, scooter2525, dasleben, jtrain609, Tld and others) who have pulled for/kicked me along the way, I really appreciate it. Beer will be bought when financial conditions permit.


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Good for you, man! I'm glad to see you have made the best of your situation and are very optimistic about your future. Overall, seems the universe is working in your favor. Keep it up!


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Good for you man. Keep plugging. It's crazy, really. I've found that when I've been scheming and planning like a madman, nothing comes together. But when I just do what feels right.. it all just flows. Good times.


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Congrats former co-worker. So where do you work now if you don't mind me asking?