FIRC Gleim or King?


Old enough to have watched Wings live on TV.
I've been using the Gleim FIRC for about ten years. Saw that King schools has an online FIRC that is iPad compatible now. Has anyone tried it?

My CFI expires in November so I am eligible to start an FIRC this month. Cost is the same, the only difference is that I don't have to have anything notarized to get my new certificate after the King course.
I liked Gleim because you could do it all in a day or two (no time limit on sections) and you could have the PDF open to search for answers during the quiz. How is American Flyers?
I thought someone told me that American Flyers took away the time limit on the studying. Last time I did it though the page had to remain open for a set period of time for "studying". If they did away with that and you can use it on the iPad then I'd say that's the way to go since it's good for life. I bought the lifetime sub but I have until next July before I have to go do it again.
There is still a time limit, as of 20 months ago. You just need to leave to page open and walk away for an hour. Once the time limit is reached then you can have the PDF file open to verify the correct answers. I did then entire FIRC in one day while watching a movie marathon.
I liked Gleim because you could do it all in a day or two (no time limit on sections) and you could have the PDF open to search for answers during the quiz. How is American Flyers?

American flyers is similar. The first two units have to be open for a specified time period before you can take the quiz, but the rest of them have no time limit. The PDF can also be downloaded to use during the quiz. American Flyers wins, though, because you get to reuse it every two years without paying anything extra.
ASI/AOPA. Just finished mine last week. Knocked it out over the weekend on my ipad and signed the 8710 online. They take care of the paperwork. No visit to the FSDO needed.
King FTW in my opinion, only took a few hours to complete. Had the certificate emailed to me within about 30 minutes of completing the course. It might be a few extra bucks.. but no waiting, timelimits, exc.
$50 for ACR service from them, I have a FSDO close by and was able to make an appointment the next day instead.

Depends on if you wait to the last minute and have to overnight the paper work on a Saturday haha. If the FSDO is close by though then it's definitely worth a drive in to see them.
Anybody try Ace CFI?

Just found them with a Google search. They also have a lifetime service. Only downside I can see is that they won't let you have the lesson material open while you take the quiz.
Anybody tried AceCFI? It's cheap and good for life (provided they stay in business)

I never heard of them before your post, but here is a line from their brochure:
If you are unsatisfied with anything for any reason just let us know, and we’ll refund every penny of the purchase price without asking a single question. We respect your choice to do business with us, and if you aren’t happy we won’t keep your money.

It doesn't sound like you could go wrong.

Personally, I'm glad to see someone giving American Flyers a run for their money in the pay once for a lifetime business.
I just did american flyers in August. It took me about 2 houra to set up the account, take the test, pay, and send out the paperwork. Some FSDO require 2 weeks for appointments (orlando)

Side note... I just finished a few CFIA students the week prior so I really only had to read the weird questions about being intercepted and wings program.
Ok, just did FIRC with American Flyers. The time limit is gone so you can go straight to the quiz. I finished the entire program in under 2 hours and the cost was $0 since I paid for a lifetime subscription two years ago. Two thumbs up!