Finished 1st Night x-Country..


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Well i did it, the first night x-country, very fun and everyone was right, very quite as well.. Except getting flight following from Atlantic city app and them telling them are alt was 1k off meaning we were lower which seemed strange because we were reading 4,500 and they were 3,500..Wierd but we resumed and turned up the coast to head to KGED over the del bay from Cape May area and termiated our services with AC approach and from there we recieved flight following from Dover, and the had us almost at our altititude.. The lady from AC approach was kinda head strong and short but didn't mind after another pilot flying saying they were telling him the same thing..My instructor after hearing this said they rarely admit they are wrong etc..

Other than that I landed just fine at KLG which was so cool at night for me with the vasi.. Taxied back and started our course back up the coast of Deleware over KDOV than over the dover raceway than shot back over the bay to 17n to land...No GPS is our planes guy's, learning old fashioned way.. Tried to upload a couple pics but the system wouldn't let me .. Oh weell, have another xcountry Friday to Lancaster than to KNE and bacK as long as this eather cooperates..Got about 10inces snow last night..
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Re: Finished 1st Night x-Country..
nothing wrong with learning the old fashioned way.

Nice job!