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My husband's dream is to be a pilot, but by the virtue of being young and nor having any $$$ he has not been able to pursue this dream, however I feel that he should be able to. I would appreciate any suggestions anyone has on financing your flight education, taking into consideration that we are unable to borrow a lot of $$.

thanks, Marya
I know exactly what your husband is going through. I put off flight training until I turned 28 because I didn't have money and I THOUGHT I couldn't borrow. I had ruled out flying altogether. I reached a point where I thought I'd give flying my best effort because I felt it was the only thing I'd be happy doing (for a career). I started to take on side jobs and set aside tax refunds, wife's bonus from work, etc until I had $5000 to get a private license. From there, I had learned enough about flying to determine if I really wanted to continue as well as exactly HOW I wanted to continue. Since the private license, my flight training has been funded by the sale of our house and education loans. The point is - I did everything I knew (within reason) to MAKE the finances work. If your husband does not have a college degree yet, he is probably eligible for THOUSANDS of FREE money from the government. (I think for California residents - called a Cal Grant) So, if he needs this money, perhaps move to California to gain residency. There are also thousands available in gov't loans. My loans are from the gov't and private companies who loan to students. He needs to call Sierra @ 1-800-243-6300 and speak with Bromwyn in the Financial Planning department and they will help you with all options.

Those options mentioned are actually some of the easier ones. More difficult ways are saving your money, investing, etc until you have enough. Some of the guys I fly with were born with rich mommies & daddies - funny how those are the ones who seem to struggle the most. Financing flight training is not easy - it takes a lot of work, but so is flight training itself. Hard work is just the nature of this business. If this is what your husband wants to do badly enough, hard work will come naturally, flight training will become fun, and result in one of the most rewarding parts of his entire life.

Personally, I refuse to be 50 or 60 or whatever and look back to say, "I wish I'd done more to fly." I may have waited a bit longer, but I'm doin' it. It's awesome!

By the way, I have attended Sierra for one year now and give a high recommendation.
Thanks for your reply. I agree that having a dream is worth a lot even if it means that you need to spend money. Thanks again,
I hope did reply to this too late. I would not recommend getting involved with Sierra Academy. I would hate to see you move a great distance for that school. It does provide a good education but it is quite expensive and takes more time then it should. Many people end up so deep in debt with school loans that they pretty much get stuck there and have to finish the program. I would recommend that you and your husband do some more searching and be wary of schools like Comair and PanAm which have a lot of marketing. There are plenty of places where you can get loans for education and not get yourself $60k in debt with schools like Sierra.

Good luck to you and keep encouraging your husband, flying is a wonderful experience and will provide a lifetime of rewards.

Hi Marya
Try ATP. I think its a good school for his actual situation.
Ill be going there because its fast, Its not that expensive, plus i gives you something realy valubale which is multi engine time.
check the site,
its only 90 days, so I think its a good solution.
I havent done the program yet, but from what Ive seen it looks assuring.
Send him my Good Luck wishes!