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hey all, I'm going to be doing the florida flight school tour soon. Just graduated from Auburn and plan on starting one of those full-time flight schools. Most probably ARI BEN, considering they seem to give the most bang for the buck.
My question is will they help you get the loan once you start the program or is it your responsiblily to get the finances before you ever go there?
Hey if you you have a digital camera take pics of your tour. I graduate from Tulane in December and want to go to Ari-Ben in Jan. I'll PM you.
They don't neccesarily help you from what I understand. The Key loan is pretty easy and you wouldn't really need help applying. While you are there, ask them about how payment works. Mike told me that payment is made in three parts. I was curious, where does that money go? If Ari were to close their doors would you be out a third of your money or is it in an account of your own?
Payments are made in thirds. Your payments go into an escrow account. Should the school fold, you WILL be able to get all of your money back (money that you have not yet used). I have personally spoken to Mike Cohen about this issue. One of my students is an ATA casualty.