Finally back into it!


Antisocial Monster
Heya everyone,

WHEW! I'M FINALLY BACK FLYING AGAIN! We went out today with me in the right seat, really more because we didn't have anything else to do. We didn't have a copy of the commercial manuvers and my instructor wanted to go over them on the ground before we went out and did them, I'm current on instuments and I'm not ready to start in on CFI we just kinda threw me in the right seat and did some private manuvers and some landings. Got used to it after about an hour and a half it seemed like. Not too much different, though the seat is in a little bit of a different spot in comparison to the yoke, if only by maybe a half or quater of an inch. Less than I can really see the difference, more that I can feel it when I go throw my hands on everything.

I think I've decided that I'm gonna go all out and try to get the CFI and the commercial done this summer. Thanks to everyone that gave some input on this one. Hopefully I can get it all done by the end of the summer.

In other developments, Bluestreak and me were in the same class together for an entire semester until one of us realized who the other one was. While we were sitting down to our final exam this dude turns around and was like "Hey...your John....from jetcareers?" and I'm like "Huh....ahh....yeah......oh you Bluestreak?" I even got someone's phone number from him earlier in the year and had no clue they were the same guy. Weird stuff.


John Herreshoff
How long had it been. I know how it is to get back in an airplane after a long time on earth. I had only logged 6 or 7 hours a year for the past couple of years, and the rustiness is still showing. But like most things the only way to get rid of that, is to fly more so that is what I am doing.
I've flown on and off (mostly off) for the entire school year, so about 8 months since I've done any serious flying. I kept legally current most the time, but I wouldn't have trusted myself to go out and go flying without an instructor unless it was a perfect weather day, which is hard to find in Michigan in the winter.


John Herreshoff
Dude I know how that is, I did that for 2 years. I would fly out to Socal every 90 days, do some pattern work, see friends, etc and then fly back to the UK (believe it or not it was actually cheaper then staying current in the UK).
I even went 6 months without flying but I had to do my BFR when I got back, but appart from that I normally would just take Ed flying. He is kind of my sudo flight instructor, he just makes observations about how I can improve what I am doing. I have to give him a lot of credit, his comments are very helpful.
I think the worst part is I find myself being quite hard on myself. I used to fly 3 times a week, and got very comfortable flying and getting in a plane and going somewhere became like getting a car and going to the grocery store. It was not particularly hard work, and it usually went very well. Now when the rustiness shows it really gets to me. I am sure witrh a bit more flying it will come back to me, and I will be more comfortable in the air and my flying will be more consistant.