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I finally got to Vero today, hooked up the phoone, bought some groceries and that is about it. This place is sure small, just like everyone said. Seems to be livable though. I am living on-campus for now. Quite a change from my 2BR in Gainesville, FL but I will survive.

I can't wait to start class. Orientation is tomorrow at 0800 and then class starts on Monday. I'll keep you posted on my progress and let you know how orientation goes tomorrow. Thanks for the support JC and its members!
I understand it takes a while to get the uniform pants. Any suggestions on what type of pants to wear until then?
As somebody just starting the CIME, what size/kind of flight bag is recommended? Is it cheaper to buy things in the pilot shop or to go online and purchase at Marv Golden or Sporty's?
If you are just starting PPL, you'll get a bag with your PVT Jepp kit. I wouldn't run out and spend tons until you identify your needs.

Check out They're in Korea and do good work. They'll embroider anything you want for free. They are copies of Sporty's bags. I'll show you mine if you want to see an example. Their web prices are higher than what I paid in person, but that's tricks.

Wear something professional your first day, then wear dark pants with your uniform shirt. It'll take at least a week (why I don't know....they aren't custom or anything).

Good luck. Maybe I'll see you around tomorrow.


Good to hear that your at VB. Settling in, and taking care of the little things, can take some time. How long are you going to stay in the dorms.?

But for an out of towner like myself, other than checking in with the local DMV for the address change, is their anything else that is suggested.?

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I can't wait to get car insurance down there!!! It will probably cost a couple of grand less than what I'm paying now. I'm actually looking forward to going to the DMV and taking care of all of that!
Good point, I wonder what liability run for a simple mid size car.? In New York, you end up getting R......., well Violated by these insurance companies to be politically correct, it's Higher than the national average so when we get to florida, it will be a discount. /ubbthreads/images/icons/smirk.gif

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It cists me so much to get my car insured on the Island, that I actually registered it an insured it at my apartment in Hoboken. New Jersey is supposed to have the highest car insurance rates in the country, but it costs me $1800 LESS to insure it there.
I drive a fully covered 96 Nissan Sentra and an 88 Mitsu pickup with just the min's (pip and liability) and I pay about 1200 bucks a year. That's with no tickets, no accidents, and 28 year old (me) and 25 year old (my wife) drivers.

When I lived in North Carolina, though, it was half as much. OH well. You should be well pleased with the auto insurance rates.

$1200 for two cars, man that's cheap. Here in New York, you get that for just one car, in questionable area and with a flintstone's special. But seriously, what insurance company are currently using.?

Mrs.Heat and I, are both drivers with clean records using a 96 Toyota Camry and with liability alone, we pay a little over $1800 a year. /ubbthreads/images/icons/mad.gif

Life's expensive in the Big Apple and the empire state. /ubbthreads/images/icons/frown.gif
The consolation is that, at least in florida, we will be able to save some money.

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Ha....full coverage on my 97 Maxima costs me $3100! (100/300/100, no glass, and $1k deductible) That's with no accidents and only one ticket in the past 7 years (speeding 15mph over).

I must also qualify that with the fact that I am not yet 25, will be in August and rates will drop then.
USAA is the best insurance/banking/finance company in the world!

99 Honda Civic LX 100/300/50 with all the bennies;
Roadside Assistance
Rental reimbursement
2 drivers (married, over 25, no tix/accidents past 3 yrs)
$250 deductible

drum roll please.....$1200/year!

Progressive and Geico were twice that.

If you are eligible, join USAA! I've never met anyone who were any less than totally satisfied with them!

I've been using Nationwide for about 7 years now in two different states. Been pleased so far...of course I haven't had to put in a claim yet. I've shopped a bit...haven't found any rates much better.

Chunk's right too...I hear good things about USAA...if you're eligible

Another nice thing about Florida...if you or the missus need to state income tax. I was never more shocked when I started working in NC that the state takes some of my addition to the Federal gov't. Also no intangible property tax...that was another shocker to have to pay in NC.

"USAA is the best insurance/banking/finance company in the world!"

Hey Chunk aint that a fact! I am lucky enough to have USAA because of my father.
USAA is a great insurance company (amazing that Im using great & insurance company in the same line).

$1200 a year for a 2002 Toyota Xtra Cab 4X4 truck
2 drivers (28 & 32 years old no accidents or tickets)
Full coverage (including half a million liability)
all the bells and whistles.

The best part is when they send a dividend check back at the end of the year because of low claim numbers.

I dont deserve it.

Does USAA allow you to stick with them when you are "transitioning"? I plan on going guard or reserve later, but I won't be in the military when doing all my training. Should I not tell them or what? Chunk, you might know the answer to this one.
I think as long as you were AD at some time you're eligible. I wouldn't BS them...they could deny any claims based on false application info! Goto their website and take the anonymous eligibility'll give you the straight scoop.

I don't think I was specific enough. I already have USAA so I know I'm eligible now. I'm wondering if you can keep the coverage with them when you leave the military? It sounds true; are you still with them?
Sorry for the misunderstanding...

Yes, they know I am IRR, and I still am eligible.