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Well now that I have finalized the fundage problem, I am now ready to get started at DCA in the Dec 11th class. Now our biggie is to get an apartment. I'll be flying down to Orlando in several weeks to check out apartments. That is the last thing on our list to do before we head out to Sanford in November. I'm just ready to get down there are get to flying!

Red Barron, have you figured out where you're going yet? I know you said maybe the October class?
We will be checking it all out the first of September. We might see ya there! I'll let you know what I find in the way of apartments if you want. I have been using and to find some apartments, but I am sure there are also several more that aren't listed. Maybe we'll see ya there!
I am right behind you bubba! I am going down over Labor Day weekend to check out houses. I went to High School in Lake Mary, 15 min away from DCA so I have a good idea of where to look.

See ya in SD in a few weeks.
My wife and I have it marrowed down to three place, so I'll be checking those places out as well as one or two on my list. I'm also going to try to stop by the school and do some final eyeballing as well as trying to purchase some of the books ahead of time. Gotta love that free 20 days of house/jobhunting leave!

SJFLYER: Yes in deed. I'll be in Sanford from Sept 16 thru 18, so hopefully that will be before or after you're out here. Just PM me the details when you have them.
Hello H46Bubba,

If you don't mind, what are they quoting you? How much credit ($$$) are they giving you for your private? How much is the Instrument Rating?



I think that I've decided on DCA as well....i was planning on joining the First Class in January 2004. Anyway helpful tips on finalizing the seems pretty self-explanatory.

I was planning on taking advantage of the 2 bedroom apartment style dorms they have there....any thoughts?

I am trying to decide between DCA and Embry-Riddle's new 'First Officer Flight Training Program"? Anyone know anything about it?
Hi MarineNav,

I am starting DCA in October 2003. The credit they are giving me for my PPL is $8240 (which is standard for all PPL-ASEL ticket holders). But, they are charging $1500 for a VFP (VFr Profiency training course). The VFP course is designed to bring you up to DCA standards as an ASEL ticket holder. I am fine with the VFP course because I know that it can only help me in the long run. I took the tour last week and was very impressed. Yeah, lots of marketing. But, I spoke with some current students and instructors offline and the feedback that I got was very positive. Take the tour and ask LOTS of questions. Good luck!

Hello Airwolf,

Thanks for the info! What did they quote you for the total package?
I saw Tracy & co. in Oakland at the Marriott the other night but forgot to ask! Thanks for any info you can provide.

Hi MarineNav,

I hate to use the word "quote" because the prices are a fixed rate for all DCA students. DCA has many pricing plans depending on where you are and where you want to go (An a la cart menu). I would suggest going to the DCA wbsite and requesting info. You should recieve it in snail mail (3-5 days). OR, just give them a call. I'm sure they would be glad to give you all of the details. Generally speaking though, any price given is for the "Ace of the Base" who can complete the requirements in the minimum times quoted. Rule of thumb (IMHO) is to add 15% to any cost "quoted" from ANY flight schools "quote".

Again, TAKE THE TOUR then decide! DCA will pay your airfare. You will travel S3. Dress nice and you will probaly get bumped to 1st Class (space permitting).

My 2 Cents....

If you want to fly as a career then

Follow your passion to whatever flight school. There is nothing in life more expensive than REGRET.

Take care,

I think I was "quoted" at about 38,000 and some change for the VFP thru CFII. I would have to dig through my paperwork at home. Thank the lord for the GI bill!
Hello H46Bubba,

Thanks for the info. I already have my Instrument, so I suppose they'd knock off $6-8k for that but tack on $2k for IFP. Did that $38k include housing?

Thanks again,

If you have your instrument already, you'll end up doing the VF/IFP which ends up close to $7,000 by the time you are done...assuming (!) you do it at the minimum time which rarely happens anyway. I know one guy that ended up going over $11,000 on it alone!!

Just got back from Orlando last night. Had a good trip other than some minor glitches.
Flew out Tuesday morning on AA and Eagle. Got to the airport a tad late, to find out that I was 5 minutes late for the required "1/2 hour check in" so they gave my seat away and I had to stand-by the next flight.
I bitched at the Eagle gate agent stating that I wanted to see the rule in writing, which they could not produce. They relented and got myself and another passenger a boarding pass. The funny thing about it was that they gave me my original assigned seat which they claim to have given away!
Oh well. We turned up and headed out to the runway to sit for 15 minutes till the airport opened for departures. Flight to LAX was uneventful, but the sunrise as we skimmed along the top of the marine layer was beautiful. Flight to MCO was delayed due to a missing nose gear door bay seal. They had to fly the part in from 737 maint. base. Got out of LAX a little over an hour past the schedualed departure. Weather at MCO on arrival was scattered T-storms. On final to 36L, we flew into a heavy down pour. The cockpit crew got a winshear alert over the threshold and proceaded to the missed approach. We went around to set up for another ILS. Approach brought us in on 35.
Got the rental car and tried to find my way to Lake Mary, without having to pay a toll. It seems as if every major road has a toll! Got to Lake Mary and checked into the hotel. On Tuesday morning headed straight to DCA to see my admissions officer. Found out he called in sick! They hooked me up with some other guy to help me out. I got the info I required and headed over to the bookstore to get a few books to get ahead. Now I had to set out and try to find an apartment. Most of all the stores and business are in Lake Mary. There isn't much to Sanford. Most of the neigborhoods look pretty seedy. I spent all day combing Sanford and Lake Mary. All the affordable complexes are fedrally subsidize, and requires a minumum and maximum gross income levels. My wife would have to get paid way over the minumum wage to even make the minimum income required to qualify. I did find a nice place in Lake Mary, so that will probably be the one we choose. I did get to enjoy some Chic-fil-a while I was there. Mmmm, I sure do miss it!
Yesterday afternoon headed back to MCO. Turned the rental car in and took the shuttle to the terminal. Flight from MCO to STL left on time and got into STL, twenty minutes ahead of schedule. On the flight from STL to SAN, we got vectored up to Iowa City and then turned west to avoid a huge line of T-Storms with the approaching cold front. Other than a little turbulance, flight was uneventful and we got in about 15 minutes late.