Figured I'd post this CFI-ASE ride


Figured I\'d post this CFI-ASE ride

Since it seems a lot of people here have their rides coming up:

We started with FOI material; didn't focus so much on rote-memory material (levels of learning, principals of learning, etc.). Instead it was more into situationally driven practical application of the FOI. We talked about the learning curve, types of students, safety in judgement, characteristics of a good flight instructor, responsibilities, etc.

We moved into endorsements and training requirements. Again, this was situationally driven: recreational pilot wants to become a private pilot, what can he do? Finally we discussed the importance of having a written lesson plan.

We then discussed some aeromedical factors including medical certification, statement of demonstrated ability ride, disqualifying factors and what to do about them, etc. We talked about certificates and documents; what you need to be a CFI, how you can renew the certificate, etc.

We took a short break and went into the maneuver lesson, which was eights on pylons. I explained it using the board and a model airplane. I had him figure out the approx. pivotal altitude with a calculator and tried to interact with him during the lesson. This went pretty well.

That concluded the oral portion, it was time to go out and fly!

We went out to the plane and I tried to teach the whole time. I talked about (and did!) the preflight, importance of using a checklist, keeping everything organized in the cockpit, etc. Got everything together and tried to start the plane..... which didn't start. The starter would not engage; after trying a few more times we gave up and went back in. Thankfully, the flight school where I was had an airplane just like mine available to rent, which they let us use for the checkride.

In the next airplane everything worked just fine. I explained things as I did them and flew pretty well. We went out to the practice area and did the maneuvers, each one I explained as I did it. He asked me some common errors as I went through them. This lasted about 40 minutes.

We headed back to the airport and set up for some pattern work. This went fine... we had a nice crosswind so I tried to use it as a learning experience for the 'student': control positions while taxiing, crabbing, side slip to land. After the pattern work was done we completed the test and I became a CFI!
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Congratulations man! That is one big ride which takes a lot of time and dedication to prepare for. Well done.

What are your plans now?

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Let me add my congratulations!

Question: how long did the oral and flight portions last?
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Thanks a lot

What are your plans now?

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Plan is to fly with the chief pilot at my school this week and start teaching ASAP! I have a few people who already want at least an intro flight.

how long did the oral and flight portions last?

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Oral = 4ish
Flight = 1.1

Not nearly as bad as I expected
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Again, congratulations. I know the unbelievable sense of relief after passing my CFI. It'll feel weird actually getting paid to fly now but you'll get used to it!!
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Way to go, Ed...Now you can begin converting all those "sweat hours" into "sweet (billable) hours."