few questions about ATP Airline Career Training Program


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Good morning, everyone:

As I read about ATP on the internet, I am getting interesting about ATP - Airline career pilot program. There are few "dumb" questions. If someone can answer my "dumb" questions, I would really appreciated.

1. What kind of housing does this program provided?
2. What is advantage with tons of multi-engine time?
3. What is the percentage of student to complete the program?
4. What percentage of instructor are hired by regional, cargo, or coporate?
5. I am working on my PPL right now, should I get multi-rating before I enroll with this program?

Once again, thanks a lot

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Checkout the posts that have been posted in the past on this forum, most of your questions have been answered in detail.
1. The housing is typically in a 2BR/2BA fully furnished apartment, with 2 twin beds in each bedroom. Some of the locations have very nice apartments!

2. Multi time is what the airlines are interested in. In a nutshell, more multi time makes you more competitive.

3. Almost everyone completes the program.

4. No idea.

5. No. You will get your multi rating during your first week of the ACPP.