ferry ride-a-long

Kels Hughes

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Hey guys. I am an IFR pilot, and have another 60 hours to wrap up my CPL. I wanted to see about getting on a ferry flight with someone who was a CFI to build some hours. I think it is a much more educational way to learn than burning flight hours in a city that I am comfortable with or renting a small plane and sharing hours to burn flying out and back to the same city each day for 5 hours a day. Of course I would pay the guy who let me ride a long with them, just really looking a different experience to what I already know. PM me and I would be happy to call you and meet you anywhere as long as it was going to be at least about 15 hours. Thanks.
I'm sure I know what you meant, but a "ferry" flight will most likely be just the pilot and no one else will be allowed to come along. I'm assuming though you just mean hop a flight that someone is doing and ride along.
Well, in a lot of cases I have heard people going on a ferry flight where as long as the owner of the plane is okay with it, you go with a commercial pilot who is also a CFI and you can log the hours. Some pilots don't like to do that, some don't mind.
I have heard of people selling the other seat for ferry flights, but not giving it away. That would be a nice deal, if you can find it. Gauntlet out of Aurora, IL, for instance, sells the back seat in their T-6 Texan when they ferry it across the country. They send it out with an instructor, and you can log the time, but it is not free. There is another guy out on TN that ferries airplanes (specializes in light twins) and sells the other seat for $50/hr plus you pay all of his expenses.
Ya I would be happy to pay them, that is what I said in my post. I am not looking for free-bees.. Just looking for better experience than flying around a practice area or nearby airports. Do you have any idea tb, how i can contact either of those two guys you wrote about?
I spoke to Guantlet, they do sell their backseat, its 3k from Chicago to Los Angeles, and its roughly 15 hours over two days. The guys I spoke to there were very very nice and helpful.