FedEx vs. UPS


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From the responses i've heard about "life" at UPS...I'm starting to think if it would be a wise decision to work at UPS as a package handler. Where I live both FedEx and UPS are hiring for part-time positions. So my question is, which company would be better to work for, FedEx or UPS? Anybody have info. on their experiences working at FedEx?

I really need a job to start paying for college and hopefully for PPL training next year. Im thinking that the experience I would recieve from working at either company would help in getting a job in the future with the airlines as a CSR or ramp agent. Plus, I think this would be a good "first job" for me. Anyway....your replies are greatly appreciated.
UPS is union and you get health benifits...

I would apply to both and make a choice between the two only if they are both offering you a job.