FedEx pilots begin negiotiations....


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Jane Roberts ( - Memphis, TN) said:

The No. 2 issue is pay.
The average FedEx pilot makes $167,000 a year and works 13 days a month, according to data provided by FedEx.

The average household income in the United States is $42,409; in Memphis, it was $63,680, according to the 2000 Census.

Response from a FedEx Capt....

Dear Ms. Roberts,

This is a glaring example of truly PITIFUL reporting! It happens EVERY time a pilot group gears up for contract negotiations. You juxtapose pilot pay with the average American's income and ALWAYS have to mention how many days they “work” in an attempt to create class envy and lessen any empathy or support the average person might feel.

You NEVER, EVER mention what it takes (and HOW LONG) it takes to achieve that level of income! By the time someone reaches that income level they have spent MORE time and training than a highly compensated heart surgeon has! AND they have more responsibilities and lives in their hands than that surgeon!

And, for ONLY putting 13 days a month on the job; the 5 years leading up to my retirement last year, I averaged $224,000 with FedEx and worked an average of 15 days a month. BUT . .what you and every other dingbat, class agitator reporter FAILS to mention, is that those 13-15 days are 24-7 days!

We DO NOT get compensated for the hours we fly, but for the time on the road, away from home and family. So, those 13 days equate to (13x24) 312 HOUR ON THE JOB! I was putting in more than 400 hours on the job, per month, as do MANY FedEx pilots!

NOW. . compare THAT 312 hours ON THE JOB to the “average” worker's (8x40x4)160 hours per month on the job and put THAT in your next story about contract negotiations!

I am not able to cut’n paste to this web mail, but I have an EXCELLENT article, written by a Delta captain, you need to read and educate your self on, before you stink up newspaper with the tripe you are putting out.

If you will send me an E-mail I will send it to you as a Word.doc. You need to know what it takes to become a commercial pilot and why we are worth every penny. And more that we get paid. Thanks for listening.

FedEx -Retired
Not to mention that they are referring to captains only. "The average pilot" does not include copilots (FOs.)