FCC Radio Operators Permit


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I keep seeing FCC Radio Operators Permit as a requirement when applying to airlines. Now, I'm a ways away, PPL--ASEL, attending ATP in the futre, but I was wondering when, where, and how does one go about getting one of these permits?
Waste fifteen minutes of your life by filling out three forms, and giving the FCC fifty bucks. What a useless piece of paper. Last time I saw mine, it was somewhere in the bottom of my flight bag.
Does it expire, are there time requirements prior to getting it, or is that something one could get very early on just to know they have it for later and store it away?

Simply put, could I just get it now or do I have to wait?
No reason not to get it now. It does not expire, it has no experience requirements, and the only qualification is that your check does not bounce. Once issued, it is good for the lifetime of the certificate holder. By regulation, at least one flight crewmember must possess one whenever operating outside the territorial airspace of the United States.

It is the most bogus requirement in the world, but it is a box that will have to be checked on almost every job application in the aviation world ... airline, corporate, charter, even some CFI jobs if you're close to Canada or Mexico, or in Florida with the Bahamas so nearby! Do it, get it over with, never worry about it again.

Not that I know of, Matt. What you need is the "FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit" ... that's what the airlines want to see, and what the regs require.

Hey if you go to this website http://wireless.fcc.gov/commoperators/rp.html it will give you all the info that you need. You can fill out all the forms online now so its a hell of a lot easier than it used to be. You have to register with something first then fill out form 605 then a payment form or something. I got it back within a week. If you do it by hand it will take you a lot longer. It does cost $50, the biggest ripoff i have ever heard of. If they will just give anyone who fills out a form and pays $50 for it why even bother with the damn thing? Its probably a conspiracy between the FCC and the FAA to make money. Just like Jepp is in on it with the FAA making us constantly have to waste money on updated charts. Jepp probably has people plant a tree somewhere or bribes the FCC or FAA to change a radio frequency so they can keep needing to update charts.
Oh yea get your passport too while your at it. You will need it at any major and at quite a few regionals and having to put a rush on it because you need it for an interview can be very expensive
Not International, but we are required to have it at all times by our FOM, and those are regs to the FAA. I've even had a Captain ask to see it, Just in case.
The passport advice above was also very good. If you're going in to aviation as a career, get a passport right away, and keep it current for the rest of your life! Take care of it now, while there's no rush to get it done, and make sure it stays renewed. You'll find that most aviation jobs require a passport to go with the RROP. Get every box you can checked off as soon as possible!

When I went to that website, I had to get some password things and then when I went to apply for the licence I I had to choose between all the different thing. I was looking for the Radio telephone thing and I didnt see it. Then I saw a couple of differnt selections for gerenal aviation and commerical aviation and I dont know which one to pick. Can anyone help me with this


Waste fifteen minutes of your life by filling out three forms, and giving the FCC fifty bucks.

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I had to send it in three different times because the FCC people told me to fill it out the wrong way. I got ramped last week by an FAA inspector and he didn't ask for it. My company did require a copy before I came to work though.