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Hey ya Kristie. Do you guys still plan on moving forward with the site? It seems like the site could be beneficial with the tough times pilots and their families are going through right now.

Anyways, I was glad to see it get rolling and hope it starts to again.
yuppers, i'm working on it - but it's slow going cuz "life situations" are getting in the way again....

AC on the car went out, so now we're shopping for a new car (can't live in AZ without AC!
) and have to help doug figure out lawn problems... things like that...

if i didn't have to work - it'd be done.. or if i had an easier job with BS time inbetween, i'd do it during work

but oh well - I'll probably get it up there when doug figures out what hosting account he wants to change to... we might go dedicated server but not positive yet...

As soon as i get the new site up (i have a lot of documentation for it now), i'll be sending out major ads!

btw - if anyone has anything they'd like to add (family wise info or a good story), let me know - I'm always good for ideas!

thanks for asking!!
It's a site designed for the families of airline pilots. It'll be QUITE useful when it's up and running!! I know I'm going to get my wife tuned in.

I've already printed Kristie's article on "Pilot Significant Others" and gave that to her.

It's a good thing.

Good luck Kristie and we look forward to watching it progress!!