FBO in Arizona


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I'm a CFI in Sacramento, Ca. Looking to relocate for more work (running slow up here). Interested in Arizona. Any good FBO's or flight schools out there that would be great for instructing??


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A ton in Phoenix... also, Tucson has a few at TUS and RYN. Ryan Field has a large flight school (IATA) and a smaller school (National Pilots Academy). Both are usually always hiring.


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didnt iata close? i know there has been some closures or talks of closures in the tus area. phx has a lot and as of about three months ago were hiring.


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... and let me hook you up with a CFI or four from National Pilot Academy (NPA) and about a dozen ex-students who can tell you how *great* it is to work at that place :sarcasm:.


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a bit late but IATA is closed as of last week... we just went from 260,000+ ops per year to maybe 120k haha.