Favorite computer logbook?


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I want to get a computer logbook and wanted to know what kind everyone uses and if they like it. I'm thinking of getting the flightsoft computer flightplanning software and wonder if their logbook is any good. I hate trying to fill out applications without a computer helping me compute my hours. Which program is best?
Define "best". If "best" means "cheapest", look into www.logshare.com; it won't generate custom reports like Logbook Pro, but then it's at least $70 cheaper. In fact, you'd have to buy Logbook Pro's pro edition to get currency reports, which logshare.com has for free. Don't waste your time/money on the Jeppesen electronic logbook; I got a copy of it with my private pilot study materials and it's pure crap.
I use Captain's Log 2000. It's shareware. I am pleased with it. Haven't used anything else to compare.