Favorite Aviation Photos: Post Them Here!


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This post will be created for aviation photos. Please feel free to post as many as photos as you would like try not to have them to big as to we do have people who visit this site with slow internet service. So if you could just post a small photo & then maybe have a link linking to a larger version of the photo if you would like to do that please.


Larger Version Of Photo
I'm not even going to ask how you got a picture of the Bush family reunion!

(ducks and covers)
I was going to say it looked like all the women who have vowed never to sleep with Bill Clinton ..... again!

Caption: Um, like, what's this thing do? Giggle.

Okay, so now that I decided to make fun of someone, turns out I'm the idiot. How do I do an image on this thing?
I kinda like the first officer a little bit better. You'll notice that her attitude indicator looks pretty good.

I can't believe I just typed that.