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Someone wanna help me out once again (by the time I become a commercial pilot I am going to be in so much debt of people helping me), first thing is why is it with FAR part 61 to get your private you have to fly more hours than part 141, tougher curriculum?

Also, if somebody thats been through flight courses and all that maybe skim through this website just to make sure I am not running into a pit. www.sunrise-aviation.com Thanks a lot.

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Part 141 has a very strict FAA approved syllabous(sp?) that must be followed exaclty in order to issue a private in 35 hours. Tougher curriculum? - I guess you could say that - but you learn the same stuff. It dosn't matter all that much however, because the average person takes 60-70 hours to get a private reguardless of 61 or 141.
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Part 61 is alright for most everybody. The difference is the structure and the accountability back to the FAA (by the school). 141 is more structured...i.e., Lesson 1 you will learn yada, you will repeat Lesson 1 until you master yada. Part 61 is more flexible and self-paced. However, a CFI instructing under Part 61 should still follow a syllabus so both of you know what to expect before and during each lesson.
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kostcoguy, When are you thinking of starting your training? I live in the area and if you want to go flying sometime, PM me and maybe I can arrange it. As for sunrise I have heard mixed reviews, either people are very happy or they claim to have been ripped off. 141 is overrated in my opinion, and 61 usually ends up being cheaper (and I've done both). I would not go to Lenair; I had a poor experience there and I switched schools midway through my private. I personally had a good experience at Sunrise, though I never trained there; I only flew their planes for a bit. OCFC is a very good school, but also very expensive. There is a place called Royal that generally no one has heard of. I don't know about them at all other than the fact that they are the least expensive place on the field and only do 61. If you have the transportation, Long Beach might be a good place to check out as well; they are generally much less expensive than SNA.
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Oh just a few more things: 61 and 141 don't matter at all; if you find a school you like go for it regardless of the program. The biggest thing is finding a good instructor. Fly with different ones until you find one you like. Remember virtually everything you learn in the plane will be from that one person, so find someone who you like and trust.
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Alright, which would you say to do for a high schooler?

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61 - no question. Part 141 is geared more toward full time training. Not to say that it can't be done part-time but for a high schooler I would definately recommend 61. 61 is geared toward people who work or go to school full time and learn to fly in their free time. It allows you to go at your own pace and put other priorities (school) ahead of flying if you need to.
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I like part 61 because it's more flexible. I've never been a fan of FAA red tape and that's what part 141 is all about, I think. For the private, 141 is a total waste as the main benefit is the 35 hour feature. Has anyone in the history of part 141 ever got their private in 35 hours? The national average is quoted at 60-70..it's been so long since I trained a private I can't remember but I know I had between 40 and 50 and that was back in 1978 when flying was simple. For the commercial, I can see the 141 argument at 190 vs 250 hours but you have to remember flight experience is about hours and not just ratings. I wonder if a part 61 guy wouldn't end up with the same amount spent at the end of his commercial as a 141 guy, since 61 is usually cheaper, and also have more time in his logbook.

Where are you from, Kostcoguy? I might be able to recommend a few cheaper schools. I looked at the sunrise site, very nice. They seem honest in their quotes and, for where they are located, 70/105 isn't bad for a 152. In my part of the country, a 172 is 70 solo and 105 dual. I believe not too long ago, Iain had a bad experience with a BFR at this school. I don't mean to speak for him but you should do a search for it.

I think I'll be training a kid this summer for his private. I just got a 152 aerobat, and after I'm done fixing it up with an engine mod to boost the hp and putting in an IFR approach approved GPS, I figure it should be worth 60 solo. Not sure what I'll charge for my time, he's a poor kid so I might just trade him for work around my house or something. Also, he's a bit of a guinea pig as I haven't trained a private in years.
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I was going to fly out of Sunrise and tried to do my BFR out of there. Here is the story My Sunrise Experience I would personally recommend to avoid that place at all costs.

I went back to Lenair, and think they are great. I think Ed and I had a very diferrent deal then a regular customer. We both work for the owner in his flight shop, so however you sliced the cake we were always employees which made the difference. I think as a customer with Lenair they will take great care of you!
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We were recently discussing a similar situation in another forum; here is the link. I'm a big fan of part 61 training, but in reality you just need to weigh the pro's and con's and figure out what's best for you.


Good luck with your private student! That sounds like it will be enjoyable for you and him. Be sure to keep us up to date on how things are progressing!
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Wow, I am very surprised of the response to this, thanks all, I am located in Orange County, about 10 minutes away from SNA (John Wayne) for whoever asked i forgot, and SkyGuy, I am hoping this summer to start my PPL if I can make a little more money and talk my parents. I will PM when I start goin, I am going to do a little more research on Sunrise, Lenair and one or two others.haha, my parents finally figured out I am serious about this! Thanks everyone for the help.