Farnsworth Lantern (FALANT) testing locations


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Hopefully this thread will make it easier to find providers offering the FALANT color vision test. Post here the location(s) where you took the test.

University of Houston
College of Optometry
Houston, TX
FAA Western-Pacific Region
15000 Aviation Boulevard
Lawndale, California 90261
(202) 267-3883
You were able to take the Falant test at the FAA's regional office? If I may ask, could you please provide additional information on the whole process. Thanks for reading.

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All you need to do is call them (FAA) and tell them that you would like to take the Farnsworth Lantern Test. The good thing about the FAA is they administer the Farnsworth Lantern for free and you will get your new medical certificate and letter right after you pass without having to wait for the FAA in Oklahoma City to review your results.

Any other questions?
Thank you for the response. I'm sorry for hijacking this thread, but I do have another question. You said that the FAA administers the test for free, how many times can you take it before they start charging you for additional tests? Also, does the certificate they give you, exempt one from all future color blindness tests? Thanks again.
The FAA does not charge for their color tests. However, after you test with the FALANT once with the FAA (and if you do not pass), they might not allow you to take it again depending on the person administering the test. In my incident, I was only allowed to take it once before getting a paper that authorized me to take the Light Signal Gun Test.

Yes, this test does exempt you from future color vision tests associated with your FAA Medical... all you need to do is keep the paper that is issued to you and show it to your AME each time you need a physical.

Any other questions?
I'm sorry about all these questions I have
. So, if one does not pass the FALANT the first time it is given, what happens? Does the FAA say you cannot fly during the night if you don't pass? What does the FAA do?
If you do not pass, nothing happens and you keep the night restriction. The worst possible scenario is to keep taking the FALANT until you pass or take the Light Signal Gun Test. In essence, you can take the FALANT as much times as you want until you pass.

The only restriction is the FAA will only allow you to take the FALANT once with them. After, you are on your own and will have to look for other FALANT practitioners OR take the Light Signal Gun Test.

Any other questions?
Two more questions. What is the difference between the Light Signal Gun Test and the FALANT. I thought that they were one in the same. Secondly, would the best way to go about this process be to take the test a few times with a practitioner, and then take it with the FAA. If this logic seems flawed, please tell me, and give suggestions. Thanks for all your help very much. It is greatly appriciated.

The FALANT is just a short way of saying "Farnsworth Lantern"... it is the same thing. The FALANT is a military color test that is basically a black box that has two lights on it which can be set to three different lights (green, red, white). The two lights are approximately once inch vertically-apart.

In this test, you need to identify the colors which are given to you from top to bottom; there are nine possible combinations (i.e. White, White; Red, Red; White, Green). You are given three sets of the nine combinations (27 total combinations). In order to pass, you must get 1 or less errors in at least 2/3 of these sets.

The good thing about this test is you can take it as much times as you want. Here is a picture of this test:


Light Signal Gun Test:

This test is administered on the airport taxiway/runway area in which you must identify the flashes of lights given to you from the control tower; these colors may be: Green, Red, White. You are given 5 seconds to identify each flash. They made me do this at two different locations (one at 1000 feet and the other at 1500 feet).

This test is generally much easier for color deficient people. However, you are only allowed to take this test once without the SODA. If you fail the first time, then you will have the option to take this test at night for a SODA. If you fail a second try, then they will send the results to the FAA Headquarters in Oklahoma City for further review.

I could not find a picture of the Light Signal Gun Test... but just imagine the intensity of a beacon (not rotating) flashing at you from the control tower.


The decision is up to you:

You can try taking the FALANT first (at the FAA or otherwise). If you need to take it again, do so for a second or maybe third time. In the event you are unable to pass the FALANT after two or three times, then go for the Light Signal Gun Test (which I was able to pass without incident).


You can go straight for the Light Signal Gun Test. The end result of this test is the same letter you get from passing the Farnsworth (assuming you pass the first time).

Any other questions?
Secondly, would the best way to go about this process be to take the test a few times with a practitioner, and then take it with the FAA. If this logic seems flawed, please tell me, and give suggestions.

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That works.

Just to add, be cautious of any company that offers to assist you with this issue for a fee (i.e. Pilot Medical Solutions). I have had some awful experiences with them.
Who administers the Light Signal Gun Test? If one is unable to pass the Light Signal Gun Test during the day or at night, does that mean one gets night flying restrictions for life?
Someone in the control tower operates the Light Signal while an inspector from FSDO stands next to you on the ground and records your results... they communicate using a transceiver.

If you fail your second try, the results are sent to the FAA Headquarters in Oklahoma City for further review... I am not sure what they would do.
O.K., those are all the questions I have
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). Thank you very much for all the help you have given, I know it probably took up a lot of your time. This information will help me very much when I need to get my medical, since I'm partially colorblind. Again thank you and have a "Happy New Year".
Your welcome! If you have any other questions, just ask.

Happy New Year to you too!

By the way, get your medical first before you take any alternative color tests.
I was able to take the FALANT test at the SUNY Optometery School in Manhattan. It took me two tries to pass. The doc gave me a 10 minute break and then we did it again. You actually get better at it as you go. While I was there I had them give me a general eye exam. That way the whole thing was covered by insurance. I just had to pay the $15 co-pay.
i got a question...i currently hold a first class and need to get it renewed...i have trouble with the plates...can i call the fsdo and take the lantern and get the letter or do i need to fail my medical first...also do the airlines know that you take the lantern?
The airlines would have np idea unless you showed them the waiver....also yes you can take the test first and just show it to the AME. This is actually the preferred method because you don't have to deal with (ie...wait) for the FAA to take the restrictyion off your medical. Also if you bring in current eye exam results the AME will not do the vision test either...