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A300Capt's post about the United pilot got me thinking (again) about something to fallback on should I be put into the same situation. Going through MAPD at ASU, I'm forced to get a four year aviation degree. Fortunately though, It does leave me time to study something else. A few things that I have considered are substitute teaching, programming, and maybe something health-care related. Basically something that isn't very difficult to learn and isn't hard to keep up with. If anyone has any ideas I'd like to hear them.
On the substitute teaching topic, subs need to have completed 90 credit hours of college course work to be eligible in Michigan. Doesn't matter what the subject was or if a degree was earned. Pay varies between districts and ranges from $45 to $75 per day.

Long term sub positions for teachers out on medical or maternity leave can last up to a full semester or more. Usually the positions are filled by subs with a background in the subject area and the duties vary. Some teachers leave detailed lesson plans for the entire leave period. Others leave it all up to you. If you end up planning lessons and doing all of the normal teaching duties, pay can be 25% more than the standard daily rate.

Benefits and insurance are not available for subs. And, of course, if no teachers are sick or it's summer-time or a holiday, there won't be any work available. I know that I felt lucky when I got in a classroom 3 days each week, but some were more and some less.

My fall backs are photography, writing, carpentry, and work in the outdoor rec sectors. If I had time and money to arrange for a fall back of my choice, I'd look at nursing or EMT work.

Good luck!

You might also go check with local highschools if you have your CFI or BGI. They often give Private Pilot ground schools and need instructors.