Fair price question


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Let me be clear. I am not offering this headset for sale here. I already have a potential buyer. So, I'm going to sell my David Clark's as I'm purchasing the Bose. They're a year and a half old, in excellent condition. I take very good care of them. They're the 13.4 model with an aftermarket ANR upgrade. As part of the deal, I would put on the new undercut gel seals. What do you think would be a fair price for this headset? A brand new H10-13X is showing for $550 plus shipping on marvgolden.com. There would be no shipping involved here.
Go to ebay and see what you find there. That will give you a good idea of what to charge the guy.

Ebay is getting so mainstream that the IRS will even let you use an ebay price as the fair value for stuff you donate!
Go to Ebay, and use the advanced search of the completed items for an idea of what you could get. I just did it for fun, looks like a new H10-13X is closing at around $450-500. Not sure how the aftermarket upgrade wil impact resale value.

I'm also hoping to get a pair of Bose at some point, likely when I finish instructing or my current headset falls apart, whichever oocurs first.
Rather than selling them, I'd suggest giving them as a gift to somebody who just scheduled a checkride. Additionally, you should skip the Bose and put hiking socks over your ears instead. That way you can hear the overhead speaker more clearly and would be able to use the back-up mics that are sitting in the seatback pockets of all our planes.

Just my $.02!
I would skip the Bose and get the Pilot DNC 17-79. They are very comfortable, have built in rechargable batteries, and are alot more durable than the Bose. They are about $550 cheaper too (only $450).