Failed Checkrides


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I know there's been some discussion on this topic but I was just curious how much a failed checkride will affect your hiring potential for future airlines. From what I've gathered so far from everyone, a failed checkride is definitely not a career ender and there are plenty of good airline pilots out there that have been through one. But, my question is do certain airlines just flat out reject an applicant because of one, or several failed rides? I only ask because I just failed my instrument ride but passed on the recheck. Thanks for the help.


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Blame the bust on the DPE and it will affect you very negatively.

Otherwise, state what you've learned from the bust and that will be that. Most everyone who has taken a CFI earned a bust the first go round, its not that big a deal unless you're a habitual buster.


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Sorry, can't help you. No experience in this arena.

However, I don't think one failed ride is going to hurt you down the road as long as you don't have any accidents or violations on your record.


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I busted IR and MEI... IR was just ugly, but MEI was was questionable, however, after thinking ... lots of thinking... I realized his decision was rational, however my wallet did not.

Its not a deal breaker, really. I bet people that busted learned ALOT from what they messed up on. I KNOW I did. I feel that I am a much more aware pilot because of it. Not that I am condoning failing checks to be a better pilot.



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As long as you blame anyone and what you have learned from it. For example I didn't know a lot about electrical systems and now I know how long the battery should be good for before it craps out on me.