Facility Notification and TOL different?


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I'm sure this has been discussed previously, and I tried searching, but is it possible or even common to have a different location on your TOL at PEPC in comparison to the facility in the initial Notification email? I ask this because when I called the careers line and asked a couple weeks back where I had been selected for it was a different location than what I recieved in the email. I am hoping that I get the facility I was verbally told on the phone as opposed to the facility in the email. I am scheduled for the Chicago PEPC in two weeks so I will find out soon enough. Just curious if anyone had info pertaining to a similar situation. Thanks.
Did you apply to 3 and 4? One possibility of what happened is that you were selected for separate facilities (one for 3, and one for 4) and they told you one of them over the telephone (they shouldn't have). Then during their "audit" they have have discovered that you had two offers and eliminated one, and then sent you the email.

MOST likely, your TOL at the PEPC will have the facility that was mentioned in your email.
Only go by the TOL for now... and even then, the FOL will have your honest-to-God destination. You shouldn't take someone for their word on this stuff until you have it writing.
I hope it's not a frequent thing. I was offered my initial facility in the PEPC e-mail, requested a redirect, and a month later I was notified by HR that it was approved. So I'm hoping my TOL and FOL line up with that.