FAAST reps?


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After seeing the invaluable info freely shared on this forum, I can't help but wonder who volunteers in their district to counsel wayward pilots?
Honestly if I spent more than 10 hours a night in my home district I would, but since I work 5 days a week and am gone from home for 14+ hours I would not be doing the pilots in my home district and honest service I believe.
As a FAAST team rep with the Dallas FSDO, I was told that its not really our job to counsel wayward pilots. Thats ultimately the responsibility of the FSDO. Our job is to prevent them from becoming wayward in the firstplace, by giving seminars on a semi-regular basis on topics that either we deem as important or the FAA wants emphasised. That being said, we are encouraged to report unsafe situations so that the FAA can deal with it in thier own manner.