FAA instructor for CAA licence


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Does any one have any info on the possibilities for a FAA CFI to give flight instruction to students seeking a CAA licence?
Or do you have to be a CAA instructor in order to dispense this sort of instruction, here in the US?
When I was flying in the UK (2000-2002) on my FAA license I could fly daytime VFR - but I was limited to that - and could not get any adds. Is it for fun or towards a carrier?? If it is for fun - tell him to by a US registered plane and fly it over - then he is set.
You have to be a JAA licensed (or approved) instructor in order to give training that could count towards the issue of a JAA licence.

I believe there are limited circumstances in which a Flight Instructor who only holds a non-JAA instructor's ticket can be approved by a JAA member state aviation authority to conduct training for JAA licences, but I am not aware of what he has to go through to seek such an approval. The very minimum would be to have a knowledge of the JAA syllabus, standards and licensing procedures.

Thank you... Now, it did not used to be so, am I right? I knew a few people who gave instruction toward a CAA licence, with only an FAA CFI. This change has to be quite recent, isn't it?
But I guess, my final question would be: the instructors in the various flight schools in FL and elsewhere who are approved to deliver CAA licences, are all CAA instructors? they could not be just FAA instructors, right?
This JAR marmelade is getting very confusing to me...
To be honest I am not familiar with the exact requirements and regulations, but I do know that there have been recent changes, forcing many US flight schools to stop JAA training because compliance was not cost effective for them. I believe that FAA CFIs can instruct without a JAA licence, but I do believe that they need some sort of approval from the JAA in order to do it. You can't just rock up and do instructing for JAA licences.

I got my CAA licence back before JAA came into effect and so I am not up to speed on many of the new procedures and requirements. I am trying to get into it slowly, as I would like to convert my CAA CPL/IR into its JAA equivalent, but I am waiting to see if the FAA and JAA ever come to a reciprocal licensing agreement to see if it would make it easier. Right now it's imposible for me to keep my CAA Instrument Rating and Multi-Engine Class rating current because to do so would require going back to England to do a checkride every year.

Are you sure you would have to go back to England?? There are a couple of flight schools in CA who deliver CAA licence and training. Why couldn't you go to one of them and renew your CAA certificates?
I'm not positive I'd have to go back to the UK, but I believe that the only place to do Instrument Rating tests (initial / recurrent) is in the UK. I believe it is also the only place to do Commercial proficiency checks. It gets a little more involved once you progress beyond the PPL level.

Things are changing so often and so much it is hard to keep up with it.