FAA form 8410-3

I couldn't find any 8410-3, but I found 8710-3 at the FAA site. Is that the form you are refering to? I don't know the answer myself, but at least that might clarify for someone who does.
I did a little search for 8410 on faa.gov and found a couple .pdf files. I believe form 8410 is for a proficiency check. According to 61.56(d), a pilot who has, within 24 months, passed a pilot proficiency check need not accomplish the flight review. It appears that this would satisfy the BFR requirements.

This is all from some quick research, don't quote me.
Anyone have some personal experience with this?
Hey Eagle - yes I believe an 8410 prof check counts as a BFR. Call a Flight Safety center and ask them but I'm sure that's correct. I've been flying for a little over 10 years and have NEVER done a BFR. It's always been either a new license. type rating, or 135/121 prof check.

8410 counts as long as the operator was current 135/121 IFR certified at the time of the issuance.

This is per my POI at my local FSDO.