FAA Check

I'm happy to say that we had two visitors from the FAA today to check out our flight school. I have to admit that it can feel a little intimidating at first, but these guys were actually really friendly. We first discussed the growth that has been happening here at the Allen County Airport (K88). Last year the runway was lengthened and a taxiway added. This year we began our flight school here, have remodeled the hanger, the ramp area is being refurbished, and a new large hanger is being built. The FAA is very happy to see an airport undergoing so much growth, with so many planned improvements still ahead. We also discussed our flight school and was asked about our current students. They asked to see my certificates, logbooks and records; all in order. They asked a few questions about regulations (felt a little like a checkride). Then we went through the logbooks and paperwork on our Piper Cherokee 140. The FAA was pleased with our aircraft and wished us the best. I have to say that it was a really good experience, and we look forward to future visits with them.

Sherri DeSpain
Star-Bright Aviation, LLC


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Good to hear. As a potential future student, it's comforting to know the FAA didn't beat you guys up to much.

Does this mean you guys are one step closer in the 141 process?